Robert and Rosie Sculpture
A Little Company

Robert and Rosie Sculpture

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Shop Now! Now Available at MyAmericanCrafts for this heartwarming, poignant resin sculpture entitled "Robert and Rosie" by A Little Company.

 Robert is based on a young Iraq vet the artist, Shelley, met, who was travelling around and talking about his experience in the war, where he lost a hand, on his day off, while trying to throw a grenade out of the back of a truck. He spoke about his loss with courage and grace. Shelly gave Robert a beautiful girlfriend, who is sealing off his past with love (with her hand over his lost hand) and opening his future (with her hand opening his right fingers). This sculpture acknowledges the sacrifices made by our service people, whether we are for or against war. 1% of the cost of this sculpture will go to a veteran's group of your choice.

  Hand painted resin cast sculptures from artist's original bronzes.

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