Rustic Measuring Spoons
Basic Spirit

Rustic Measuring Spoons

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Delightful, twining vines and leaves decorate this Rustic Chic set of measuring spoons. Hand crafted in satin finish pewter, they will stylishly assist your cooking and baking for years to come.

 Includes accurate 1, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8th measuring spoons for use in your favorite recipes.

Hand Wash Only

Pewter has been used over the centuries, first by Egyptians & Romans, then  during the Middle Ages because of  its versatility and durability. 

Pewter does not tarnish like silver or copper. Like all metals, it will slowly oxidize when exposed to air, giving it a soft patina.

Wash your pewter in warm soap & water and towel dry. Use of a dishwasher is not recommended. A pewter cleaner may be used occasionally. We do not recommend storing food in pewter & contact with direct sources of heat, such as a stove or open flame, are to be avoided.

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