Swans Sculpture Trio I
Swans Sculpture Trio I
Swans Sculpture Trio I
Swans Sculpture Trio I
Victor Chiarizia

Swans Sculpture Trio I

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This trio of three graceful "Swan" sculptures will make a stunning accent for your home. 

Swan Trio I  Midnight, Tea and Lime. 

Swan Trio II  Strega, Tangerine and Whiskey

Swan Trio III  Amethyst, Merlot, Strega

Swan Trio IV  Midnight , Lime, Aqua

The artist uses Incalmo, a 500 year-old Venetian technique that requires the creation of cup-shape vessels which are then connected to one another on the blow pipe. Incalmo and reverse incalmo are complex and physically demanding processes for even the most experienced glassblowers. 
This unique technique is used here to produce large vertical and diagonal bands of color within the tall, undulating shapes.  Deeply organic shapes and textures with lively colors are a signature of this glass artist.

Available by Special Order.

Dimensions: 40"H x 4"W.

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