Matthew Lovein Raku

Two Wishes Golden Wishes Wish Keeper

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Matthew Lovein’s signature piece, called the Wish Keeper™ is his original design and concept which first began in 1992.   The artist's wife, Mary explained, “He woke me in the night and said, ‘I’m going to make a Wish Keeper™. I’ve seen it in a dream.”  The dream showed the vessel which sits on a distinctive base and has a lid formed like bamboo, representing strength and flexibility. When lifting the lid a silk cord is revealed with an inner chamber that holds a parchment with your written wish. 

Bronze and gold combine to form a rich, metallic glaze on the Golden Wishes Wish Keeper. A gold highlighted seal plus black bamboo formed top complete the look.

The ancient symbol on the seal represents good fortune and abundance.  When he first saw the symbol on the finial of a lamp, he knew it was the one that would become the Wish Keeper’s seal.  Each piece is sealed by pressing the carved symbol into the wet clay, for a lifetime of good wishes. 

Lift the lid of this jar and you will find two ceramic cylinders into which you can insert parchments with your dearest wishes.

Important to note that Raku Firing will produce different color variations at different times. The color of your Wish Keeper may vary based on the firing.

Stands 22" high and is approx 8.75 wide and 7" deep

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