Wish Keeper Volcano Red
Wish Keeper Volcano Red
Matthew Lovein Raku

Wish Keeper Volcano Red

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this brilliantly red "Wish Keeper Volcano Red" by Matthew Lovein. 

Created in Hawaii, this Volcano Red  Wish Keeper has a lid that lifts and suspended from this lid, on a silken cord, is a ceramic cylinder into which you can insert a parchment with your fondest wish.

The ancient symbol on the seal represents good fortune and abundance.   Each piece is sealed by pressing the carved symbol into the wet clay, for a lifetime of good wishes.

Volcano Red glaze, the color of Hot Lava covers this Wish Keeper in glossy brilliance.
A silver highlighted seal, and black bamboo formed top together create a striking addition to your home.

Wonderful as a "Good Luck & Best Wishes" gift for a lucky couple or as a meaningful present to oneself.

Measures 9"x9"x 14"

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