Engraved Wooden Watches

Engraved Wooden Watches Make Great Gifts

The search for Groomsmen's gifts could end with engraved wooden watches. Customize each watch with different dials and band colors. A walnut case with deep blue dial and band is striking. Engrave the date and each groom's name on the back. Wood watches not only have that special ability to be personalized, but they also are hypoallergenic and lightweight. They also change over time as they naturally age.

These make great bridal gifts too. Imagine a cute band of wooden hearts centered with a small timepiece, or a singular square wooden watch on a lovely suede band. The natural look is timeless and can age with the newly wed's marriage.

Engraved names, dates, special messages, and quotes bring another level of uniqueness. A graduation, birthday, or wedding date makes a watch even more special. Handcrafted and tailored to your taste, these watches always prompt the question; Where did you get it?

Engraved Wooden Watches Feel Special

There are numerous scaled-down versions of popular men's styles for women. Many of the best original wood watches are designs styled just for women. With narrow bands and smaller faces, these watches fit smaller frames.

One of the most unusual is the "Delta" by Tense. Hourly markers show on its triangular face. A choice of exotic Katalox, teak, or dark leadwood pyramid-shaped pieces create a wide bracelet.

The "Labrador" has a distinctive square dial with hour, minute and second markers. One unique and beautiful custom watch has a mother-of-pearl dial set in butternut wood. A personalized watch is a memorable gift for a young woman's graduation, engraved with the day's date.

Can't decide? Try a Unisex style. Many unisex watches in wood are available as well. One favorite is the Marmot multifunction with a hexagonal face. It shows hourly markers, calendar dates, days of the week, and 24-hour display. The dual tone wood version with coppery dial is most attractive. Tense Watches offer a vast array of sizes and designs suitable as unisex watches.

Make it a Personalized Wood Watch

Customize with a blend of wood, watch designs, and engraving. Wood stains and finishes offer endless potential for authentic custom timepieces. Indulge your love for the natural world enhanced by artisanal quality wood artistry. Natural wood watches retain aspects of exposure from Nature's elements. They bring out unique properties in the wood. Wood contains soothing qualities in addition to the beauty in woods like sleek walnut, zebra, or sandalwood.