Mariposa Kaleidoscope
Mariposa Kaleidoscope
Mariposa Kaleidoscope
Sue Rioux Designs

Mariposa Kaleidoscope

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Now Available at MyAmericanCrafts this spectacular "Mariposa" Kaleidoscope" by Sue Rioux Designs.

Mariposa in Spanish means butterfly and this is a stunning iridescent stained glass kaleidoscope with large blue dichroic glass wings outlined with copper filagree on each side of the scope. 

The body of the scope is black patterned dichroic glass, subtle yet intriguing. Black glass feet hold the scope steady.

The object chamber is filled with brilliant colors and textures to delight the eye.

The 5' tall barrel spins easily and is studded with handmade cabochon fused glass beads and dichroic glass shards in a brilliant rainbow of colors. A single glass cabochon sits on the top of the scope.

Mariposa has two unique mirror systems- with a large 2-mirror high power magnification lens and a smaller 3-mirror system above.

Measures 9.5 long x 5.5 tall x 1.5 wide

Handmade and signed by the artist.

For the most discerning collector and lover of glass work, this is a work of art inside and out.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

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