A Little Company

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Delightful, very human figures sculpted in resin that resonate with their images of warmth, laughter, and caring. A series of "Working Woman" wall sculptures feature female bakers, seamstresses, herbalists, musicians, and a grandmother caring for her grandchild. An exuberant woman riding on a "magic carpet". A grandmother braiding her grandaughter's hair. Multi-ethnic, real people captured snatching a moment of fun, a bit of gossip, or showing love for one another.

"I began to sculpt in clay in 1972, at the pottery at Chardavogne Barn, a group devoted to the study of Gurdjieff, a spiritual master. My husband Michael joined me there and we have worked together since 1975."

"I try to create a coherent work of art that captures a quality of presence. At first the figures were stylized, meditative, and single, but over the years became more natural and relaxed, and I began to sculpt two or more figures in relationship. The figures laugh, talk with friends, dance, commune with a lover. I find sculpting the elderly most interesting, for the character in the expressions, the naturalness of the bodies, the sagging skin of aging, the caring expressed in the faces. The laugh, the joy of living, the diversity, are an expression of the spirit and body as one, in acceptance of this life, and people who view the work often find themselves and their friends in it."

"My husband and I began to produce resin figures in 1996, to create a body of work that was consistent and affordable. I created a diverse community of male and female figures that could be interchanged, allowing different expressions of relationship. Since I sculpt these figures in a non-hardening oil-based clay and the piece is cast, I am able to work for several months on a piece to capture exactly the expression that speaks to me. These pieces are hand-painted."

- Shelley Tincher Buonaiuto, Artist