Alex + Svet

Paris based, but with Russian origins and a global outlook, ALEX+SVET Rainous gives free rein to their overflowing creativity. Alex, an Engineering graduate switched into Fashion Styling & Pattern-making and got a diploma from the International Fashion Academy Vauclair. He learned and grew professionally in Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture ateliers (Kenzo, Hermès, Mugler, Montana, Balenciaga, Balmain, Lacroix). Svet, graduated of State University of Saint-Petersburg (Russia) pursuing her studies at College of Modern Art and Design (ESAM, Paris). A graphic artist, colorist and scenographer, she turned her passion into a career. 

Acrylic is one of their favorite mediums and is a perfect lightweight alternative to glass. This noble and modern material after being laser cut is high polish finished, thermoformed, texturized, patinated, mattified, dyed and often associated with other eclectic materials (rubber, wood, wool, metal etc.). Each item is handcrafted in their Parisian studio with a careful attention to the most intricate details. Unlike most laser cut jewelry, ALEX+SVET ennoble every single element to accomplish an impeccable high-end jewelry. One of the most important elements of ALEX+SVET production is the exclusive color treatment of the Acrylic & rubber. Svet makes use of a tinted core manual process to create a vibrant and sophisticated color palette which explores various chromatic ranges from pastel to vivid colors.