Alison Evans Ceramics

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Taking her cues from the sea, Yarmouth, Maine-based potter Alison Evens creates organic forms based on gifts the ocean bears. She makes her ceramics, (richly glazed oyster, razor and clam shell shaped tabl ware) in Maine, so the inspiring subject matter is never far off.

How did she know creating with clay was her calling? While sitting in a computer programming class at her alma mater, Miss Porters School, Evans had a realization: she knew that she wanted to be a business woman and that she didn't want to join corporate America. So she took a pottery throwing class and happened to be a natural at throwing on the wheel.

She decided at that very moment that this was her chosen path. An education at the venerable Rhode Island School of Design followed, and a creative career was born. By absorbing and learning as much as she could from working with New York artist and head of RISDs ceramics department Katy Schimert, she felt ready to go out on her own. In 2003, she opened her first Alison Evans Ceramics studio in East Boothbay, Maine. Today, her work is a family affair, with her husband Chris Fritz's involvement, handling managing the studio and sales.