Art on Glass by Amalia Flaisher

Amalia Flaisher left her native home in Ashkelon, Israel 21 years ago to live in Litchfield, NH and work as a graphic designer. For years she created art in her home studio as a hobby, inspired by nature and the environment. After the 2008 market crash, work for Amalia in her field was increasingly slowing to a halt. Soon after, she decided to take up the mission of turning her artistic hobby into a business and started Sand and Water Creations in Glass.

Using her diverse training in graphic design, metalsmithing, photography and silk painting she combined her skills to open a path to working on a new but intriguing medium: glass. As her passion to paint on glass grew, so did her business. What began in a makeshift art studio in a garage quickly grew to take over her entire basement as Amalia created all types of interesting and functional hand-painted glass pieces. She and her husband Yoram began packing up their van almost every weekend of the year and traveling across the Northeast selling Amalia’s glass creations at craft shows and art exhibitions. It was challenging striking a balance between making her art, traveling to sell it and managing her family at home, but Amalia found great strength in her passion to share her art with the people whom it touched.

In the present day, Sand and Water Creations has grown to proudly employ a team of local artists.