Birds at Noon

My Story I was born and raised in India, in a small town called Ajmer, in Rajasthan. My dream was to live in an invisible house, read books and draw for a living.... but reality took it's toll and I ended up climbing winding staircase of corporate world.

After wandering around the grey corridors for a decade, a little bird inside me led me back to my childhood dream. I got introduced to this amazing world of creating and making where you can give shape to your ideas. I call it Birds at Noon....

Today, I am a full time ceramic artist, working in clay, drawing, painting, reading and learning to open windows of my invisible house.

My Work I am on a journey of exploration, expression and creation; trying to find my way through clay. I do not strive for perfection, but be led by the flow, which I get being in that moment.

Mythology, symbols, text, antiques, cultures and history intrigue me. I am drawn to the richness of color, texture and architecture.

My designs are the borrowings from my upbringing in India, the swatch of colors that fill my memory. The drawings are the objects and places that aroused my curiosity. Every layer tells a story, which I experienced in making and living.