Copper Elements

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 Copper Elements was started by Dan and Frances Hedblom of Rochester, MN in the summer of 2010. In July of 2010, a gift would change their lives forever. Dan’s parents had discovered a technique of bringing out beautiful colors in copper using a torch. This technique was shared with them to enjoy and carry on.

The process is called "fire painting" and it brings out the beautiful colors in the metal. It is done using the heat from a torch using no chemicals, paints, acids or stains.  An expert touch with this heating method brings out and blends colors inherent in the metal. This added with custom grinding techniques and multi-curved shapes cause the copper to shimmer. The colors will appear to move and change when placed under lights or in the sun.  Extensive buffing and lacquer sealing ensure the longevity of this artwork and provides UV protection. Solid wood frames that are curved, enhance the nature-inspired images.