Crain Art Studio

A mix of rich raku, brilliantly colored glazes plus feathers and beads highlight the hand-sculpted one-of-a-kind horses, fish and cats by Crain Art Studio.

A love of animals and a fascination with textures and color is evident in Texas artist Cathy and her daughter Carie's sculptural work.  Black and white coexist with coppery raku, turquoise, red, electric blue, green and gold on Crain Art Studio's creatures.

Crain Art Studio's horses and ponies sport unique ceramic blankets or feather and bead spirit fetishes as they prance or stand quietly. Fish are highly decorated with lines, dots and textured surfaces. 

You''ll find regal cats, gentle lLamas, buffalo, grizzly bears, moose, river otters and hares among Crain Art Studios offerings- all hand-sculpted raku with subtle or brilliant coloring.

 This work is hand built and one-of-a-kind, no two pieces will be exactly the same as any photo.  The texture patterns, exact glazes and raku reactions will vary from piece to piece which guarantees that your Crain Art Studio sculpture will be totally unique.

 Raku Firing - Ceramics that are bisque fired, glazed, fired to approximately 1800-2000 degrees, removed from the kiln while still cherry red and placed in a barrel with combustible materials and covered. As oxygen is pulled out a smokey dark surface and amazing colors appear.