D. Lasser Ceramics

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Mango Sunrise, Red Craze, Blue Moon and Planet Green are just a few of the imaginative names given to glaze colors at D. Lasser Ceramics. Sturdy, well-built mugs, bowls and tableware in a myriad of color combinations to accent your table with function and joyous style.

"D. Lasser Ceramics is a small energetic company located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We strive to provide you with some of the best hand made and hand-painted ceramics on the market today."

"All of our pottery is made by artists in our studio in an old barn in Vermont where we carefully shape and glaze our clay. Variations in color, design, form and surface texture are created by the touch of our hands and are your assurance that each piece is a unique work of art."

- Dan Lasser, Artist