David Lotton Glass Design

David Lotton is a second generation American glassblower.  He is the oldest son of Charles Lotton and was introduced to the world of glassblowing at a very young age.  In 1970, Charles started building a furnace and began blowing pieces of glass from melted down pop bottles in a shed behind their house.  David was there in this infancy and he was Charles first assistant at the age of ten.  David has vivid memories of his childhood working in the shop with his father.  When most children were playing childhood games he was spending time after school and on the weekends helping him at the bench.  By the age of 14 he started learning how to do finishing work, polishing the bottom of the glass flat.  David eventually followed in his fathers' footsteps and by the age of 15 began making paperweights.  That ignited a passion to begin glass blowing. 

David has been creating his one of a kind vessels since 1978.  His unique handcrafted works are designed with precise attention to detail.  Developing his own glass formulas, David has created a complex palette of colors, giving him the ability to create his multi-layering and sculpting style.  Each year David continues to study and refine the techniques he uses in creating his art.

David's Clematis Reflection Series, Hollyhock Paperweight Series and Mixed Bouquets Series all reflect his floral patterns which capture his love for detail.  He combines color and layering to create depth and beauty.   His Organic Sculptures reflect movement and rich hues of a summer sunset.  David is inspired by all nature.  He has a successful ranch in the hills of Kentucky where he is inspired to evolve, change, and grow continually.  He commutes back and forth to fulfill both loves.