Dock 6 Pottery

In traditional terms, Dock 6 Pottery stands out because of the popularity of our unique designs combining fused glass and pottery to evoke a sensation of the natural world. But what really sustains us over the long term, and makes Dock 6 stand out more broadly, is a commitment to my employees and the local arts community. I hire artists and creative people of all kinds.  My employees not only include potters, but also musicians, actors, photographers, jewelers, fashion designers, glass blowers, painters, and graphic designers. I encourage and support my employees in chasing their personal dreams, and they bring that creativity and energy back to their jobs.  That energy shows in the quality of the work.

The Origins of Our Name

Where’s the boat? No, it’s not that kind of dock. When Dock 6 Pottery started in 1995, we were a collective of four potters looking to share space and expenses. Our first location was in a building with a long strip of loading docks and you had to enter through loading dock number 6 in order to reach our studio. We have moved many times since & the original potters have gone their separate ways, but the name has stuck.