Fisher Blacksmithing

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Tuli Fisher is a full time blacksmith in Bozeman, Montana. He graduated from Montana State University with degrees in Museum Studies and History. Since 1999 he’s been building hand tools and studying traditional tool making in various settings. Tuli developed a strong interest in tool-making borne out of his study of skilled trades and the guild system. In 2003 Tuli worked with a community supported agriculture (CSA) farmer to repair their farms tools and after fixing them Tuli designed and built his first collection of garden tools.

In addition to making hand forged garden tools, Tuli operated a full time horseshoeing business for 12 years working with horses in both Montana and California. During this time he developed an appreciation for well designed tools and began to build many of his own blacksmithing tools followed by tools for woodworkers, timber framers and stone masons. Being familiar with blacksmithing, effects of abrasive soils and toolmaking, designing and building garden tools was a logical next step. 

Tuli is a member of the British Artist Blacksmith Association, as well as the Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America. He is also a gardener with a fascination for giant pumpkins. When questioning the challenge of trying to grow vegetables in a Montana climate, he says, “But, at least I’ve got these amazing hand tools, right?!”