Henry Wischusen

I grew up on the rocky coast of New England surrounded by a great wood working tradition. In my youth, I made all kinds of objects in wood, from tiny sculptures to boats. Upon leaving the corporate world after 35 years of service, I returned to my passion of crafting things from wood but with a new sustainable perspective. Working with delicate wood veneers, I am able to present all the beauty of the wood while maintaining my reverence to the forest.
Forestique creations are made with wood veneers 1/40th of an inch thin. Veneers allow us to present the beauty of real wood and use trees wisely. Our creations are sun cured so we avoid carbon-producing heaters and lights. It takes longer, but the UV rays of the sun bring more durability to the tung oil and natural wax finishes.

At Forestique we are committed to doing our part to help preserve the forest. We contribute to the Georgia Conservancy, the American Chestnut Foundation and are members of the International Wood Collectors Society.