Gatski Metal

"We see beauty and inspiration in our surrounding landscape, our rural lifestyle, and the reclaimed. And we want to share that with you. Our home and shop sit at the top of a hill, overlooking forest and fields. We often find ourselves creating pieces based on what we see (or can imagine) before us. We believe in bringing you (our customers) pieces that make you happy and that you can enjoy forever. Each Gatski piece is built to last ? so it can be a part of your story for a long time to come. "

Ben and Kate Gatski are self-taught artists who love using simple tools to make handmade, authentic pieces of art. They live and work on a hilltop in rural Pennsylvania. There, they handcraft sculpture and furniture with reclaimed materials (weathered steel and barn wood) and raise their three children. They established Gatski Metal in 2003. 

Ben and Kate collect raw materials from scraps yards and other assorted junk piles. They work together to imagine and create unique pieces of art. Ben builds the pieces in the shop, using mostly hand-held cutters, hammers, a roller and a welder. Kate assists with the designing process, and shares their art with the world. They are a true husband and wife team. 

Ben began welding at the age of thirteen, when he was given a welder by his father. He began experimenting with welding pieces of farm equipment together. At the age of nineteen, he was building small birds and other sculptures for family friends. He has been creating artwork ever since. Aside from a vocational welding short course, he is entirely self taught.