Gio Gio Design

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All of the home accessories are made of individual pieces that slot together without the need for fasteners. Putting them together like a 3d  puzzle is part of the fun and playfulness of the designs. This also allows shipping them flat-packed and is great for storage.

They use eco-friendly FSC certified bamboo plywood with a natural linseed or butcher block oil finish. The all-natural materials used in the products reflect a commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Gio Gio  Design was founded by twin sisters Jessica and Monica Giovachino.  Jessica is a practicing architect as well as the designer of our products, and she brings this experience to the creation of her home accessories and jewelry. She creates elegant, organic pieces that are influenced by nature as well as architecture and design. Jessica's pieces include playful reinterpretations of traditional forms and natural motifs.

Jessica designs the products on the computer and the individual pieces are cut out with a CNC (computer) operated router or laser cutter. She sands and finishes each piece by hand in her Long  Island, New York studio.