Grace Gunning

I love boxes and always have. I’ve used them as time capsules since I was little growing up in Blacklick Ohio and still have most of them. I actually started making my own boxes as a teenager using stained glass.

 I found old machines from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that had been used in metal fabrication and taught myself how to form a box from metal. Someone looked at one of my early creations and said, “it looks like a reliquary”. I’ve been learning how to make Reliquary Boxes ever since the late 1990’s. They are my favorite things to make. I hope you can feel that when you hold one in your hands.

The most unique of all the Reliquary Boxes are the Changelings.
I love them. They are the most challenging to create. They came about by making a mistake. All the boxes have tiny silvered rolling balls inside the lids. One day I poured in too many and they covered the image below. Eureka! It looked like a “screen” and I thought a picture could be under the beads and would be revealed as the beads rolled back and at the same time a picture could be on top over the tiny beads. So the Changelings were born. 

I have worked with my co-worker and friend, Sandy Bartlett, for more than a dozen years now. She’s known as ‘Sandy the Great’. Sandy does almost all the bending and patinaing and padding and organizing. Know these are made in a very happy and fun atmosphere with lots of laughing going on.

Each box is signed and dated and comes with a card inside telling a bit about me and the boxes and a definition of reliquary (a receptacle for an old treasure).

~ Grace