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Heartwood Creations

Boxes of all sorts are the products of Heartwood Creations since 1978. Many outstanding galleries and craft shops showcase their work throughout the world. The work includes Keepsake Boxes, engraved -lid boxes and men’s valet boxes. And a large assortment of small, medium and large fine wooden jewelry boxes. Tic TAC Toe and cribbage games are available as well. An array of challenging Puzzle boxes entice. The company has grown larger and added many new products. The trademark of Heartwood products is the Secret Box. It has a sliding dove-tail lid and is available in numerous sizes. A huge array of lid decoration options makes these unique gifts. A small heart, burned on the back of each box is the Heartwood Creations trademark. It signifies the care and love they put into each creation.

Heartwood supports responsible production; they plant five trees for every tree they use.

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Mike Fisher Founder of heartwood creations Rockford

The first Secret Box, made over 40 years ago, by Mike for his then girlfriend. His father made furniture for their home and inspired Mike to work with wood. A book by Eric Sloane “A Reverence for Wood”, read while in the Boy Scouts, inspired him further. He had a love for nature and a deep appreciation for wood and trees. 

Woodworking has proved to be therapeutic for Mike. Through tumultuous school years it kept him engaged. It involved both his hands and heart, becoming something meaningful. An introduction to the making of sliding dove tail by an early teacher.  The prototype of today’s Heartwood Secret Boxes began with the first birch box for his girlfriend, created at age 16. He placed a romantic message inside. 

His parent’s basement became a place to continue to work with his hands. Discovering exotic woods and love for the medium of wood became a love affair with woodworking. Mike has created many wood objects throughout the years, boxes remain his focus. Decades later, his inspiration continues with new ideas for products.

Their Studio

The first location for Mike's business was a small garage at his home. Established in 1978, it would grow and become world reknowned. Heartwood moved out of that garage after a decade and into its current facilities. The product line expanded and the woodworking techniques improved. Their talented group of craftspeople from America's heartland gained a reputation. The products take their place in many outstanding crafts shops and galleries worldwide. Heartwood Creations, Rockford, Ill., as they compete in the global marketplace, provides meaningful long term employment. 

The company has grown and new products added. Their signature Classic Secret Box remains their trademark. A small heart, burned on the bottom of each box, is evidence of a true Heartwood Secret box. It stands for craftsmanship, quality and artistry.

So, what do you put in a Heartwood Secret Box?

Glad you asked! 

Depending on the size, which ranges from 2 to 3 to 2 x 4 inches (0.1 m), any number of special, secret or not so secret things.

Keys, vitamins, jewelry (great for travel), paperclips, tacks, tiny beads, aspirin, breath mints and golf tees. Safety pins, hearing aid batteries, pebbles and sand from your favorite beach. Guitar picks, toothpicks, a compass, coins, buttons and matches. Nuts & bolts, sewing kits, dominoes, a lock of your baby's hair or the ashes of a beloved pet. Jelly beans, life savers, sea shells and pretty feathers. A romantic the first one ever made.

 You can find a Secret Box to fit any number of gift giving or self-indulgence occasions. The variety of wood and lid graphics is vast. Woods used are cherry, teak, aspen, walnut and rich, red padauk. Lid decorations range from inlaid marquetry to bright, colorful graphics. Some graphics include roses, maple leaves, fish, hearts, hummingbirds and, of course, cats! 

Elephants, turtles, dogs, sea horses, sunflowers and butterflies fly, swim or run across the lids. There are even silver bears, running horses, moon & sun and moose to choose from. The marquetry boxes have a variety of images, some in natural wood, others with prismatic colors.

And, so what is Marquetry?

Marquetry is the use of wood pieces to form an intricate design applied as a veneer to a wood surface. Heartwood Creations offers a great variety of marquetry boxes. For example; an ocean scene with flowing curves in natural woods. Or yellow and orange koi fish swimming among lily pads. Sweet heart designs.  And many intricate patterns using burl and spalted maple woods. 

Fun Games Like the Cat cribbage board

Tic TAC Toe and cribbage games sport wood inlays in multiple lively wood combos. Mahogany, walnut, maple and cherry march in straight lines and graceful curves over their surfaces. 3 track cribbage sets in maple or padauk come with playing cards. A continuous 3 track cribbage game is available in cherry or bird's eye maple. Pegs included with all boards.

Heartwood Puzzle box

A Heartwood Creations puzzle box is fun for all ages. Fun to figure out how to open and fun to stash a secret treasure inside. Remove the directions and you alone know what's inside! The Yin Yang puzzle box is a classic and the "spin" boxes are challenging but fun. The Maple Leaf gravity pin box is baffling and beautiful. Terra I boxes feature a padauk button you must slide til a pin moves. The Navigator Box is similar with a striking Tiger Maple button. A Heartwood puzzle box is intriguing for preteens and works as a great men's gift. One groom bought them for his best man and all the ushers! Another groom placed a pearl necklace inside for his intended. Didn't take the bride long to get it open!

Wonderful ideas for the birthday or holiday gift giving. 

The Heartwood Creations Jewelry Box

Among wooden boxes made in the USA, Heartwood boxes are a standout. There are many handcrafted wooden boxes for sale but these boxes are special. A Heartwood Creations jewelry box becomes an heirloom; treasured and passed down. 

Small box styles include Safari; Black Walnut body with exotic Japanese Tamo wood accents. Or the Meadow; deep reddish Bubinga wood with a pale Birds’ Eye Maple lid. Chesapeake; Sapele, Wenge and figured Burl Walnut. And then modern Avalon with swirls of Madrone wood set in dark Wenge. 

Deep valet boxes feature removable trays, deep coin compartments and fabric linings. An exotic wood called Kewazingo partners with Bubinga for these boxes. Does your husband need a place for his "stuff"?  Perfect for watches, pens, coins, keys, cuff links, etc. Great gift for Father's Day, birthday, Hanukkah or Christmas!

 Larger Heartwood Jewelry boxes range in size from single level to one, two, three and seven drawer styles.  The Cascade I and II have the simple beauty of a timeless design.  Crafted of a single piece of cherry or bubinga. Topped with Quilted and bird's eye maple for contrast. This method insures perfect color and matching wood grain. 

The Designer Collection includes The Hummingbird Box which has a beautiful hummingbird and floral design. Meticulous artistry in marquetry is needed to create this lovely box. Cherry, Maple, Wenge, Bloodwood and Tiger Maple combine in this work of art.  A memorable Mother's Day gift! Or for your special bird-lover.

Another favorite is the Cherry Blossom Box. Cherry body with accents of Lacewood, Maple, Wenge and Bloodwood create delightful cherry blossoms drifting down one side of the lid. 

Arts & Crafts styles include The Ginkgo Box, Sapele, Mahogany, Wenge, Bloodwood and Burl Maple. 

More modern style boxes like The Urban Craftsman Box have Spalted Maple accents. And echo the designs from the early 20thy century. The Mission Style Box has swirling Madrone Burl with contrasts of traditional hardwoods.

Woodworking at it’s Finest

Heartwood Creations, with a tradition of fine woodworking, is ideal as the place to look for gift giving or self-indulgence.  You'll find a heart secret box, intriguing puzzle boxes or handsome cribbage boards.  And a beautiful array of jewelry boxes in sizes and designs perfect for you or as a special gift.