Holly Yashi Earrings

Why are Holly Yashi earrings special?

Since 1981, Holly Yashi  has charmed jewelry buyers with their exuberant color, charming motifs, and superb craftsmanship. Brilliant blue and purple mixed with green, gold, and copper bring to life nature-inspired designs.  Beautifully rendered in Niobium, hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and leaves are available to adorn your ears. Animals, tribal people, travel, antiquity, and the surrounding redwood coast of California also serve as inspiration. These earrings are heirloom quality jewelry meant to last a lifetime. Made in the USA from the beginning; Holly Yashi's ear jewelry collection is hand-crafted in small batches. There is a story around every earrings design and color.

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Primarily Niobium, this stunning collection may contain Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones, glass, and ceramic beads. Crystal and freshwater pearls together with gold, brass, and silver appear as well.

Holly Yashi Earrings Magic Metal 

Niobium is a semi-precious metal found in the USA, Brazil, and Canada. Known for light-weight strength, it improves alloys used in jet engines and rockets. It also has super-conducting properties useful in electron tubes. Niobium is hypoallergenic and finds use in joint replacements too. 

This unique metal can take on many colors through a process called electro-oxidation. When immersed in a chemical bath and charged with electricity, a layer of multi-colored oxides form on the surface. 

All those exquisite blue, purple, and green shades this studio is known for depend on the charge's intensity.

Natures Gifts Inspire Holly Yashi Earrings

Being based on the lush northern coast of California provides a rich natural world to draw inspiration. Vibrant colors and intricate patterns echoed in metal allow us to connect with the spirit of our environment. We can experience the texture of a butterfly's wing, the smoothness of a flower, or the crisp beauty of a maple leaf. Ocean water, birds' flight, and starfish on the beach take on life through brilliant color and etched detail. 

Striped cats, desert flowers, and the moon and stars appear as well. 

Modern Elegance by Holly Yashi Earrings

Faceted crystal, natural gemstones, and free-form pearls form the basis of some of these out-standing collections.  "Lorelei," "Astoria," and "Tropical Punch" combine crystals with show-stopping color and sparkle for a chic, modern look. Swarovski crystal pearls in luminous hues appear in classic pearl adornments for your ears. And exciting combinations of Bohemian and dichroic glass beads dangle from long dramatic ear wires.

Holly Yashi Earrings Equal Romance and Femininity

Delicate details, hearts, and floral motifs are the highlight of the Timeless Romance collection.  Shimmering colors appear behind cut metalwork resembling stained glass windows. Semi-precious amethyst, moonstone, and garnet gemstones speak to the beauty of heirloom quality jewelry.

Bohemian Chic by Holly Yashi Earrings

Free-spirited with washes of exquisite color and names such as "Capri Skies" and "Wild at Heart,"  call to the bold within us. The addition of hammered silver and gold overlay to designs like "Mermaid Tale"creates an organic feel. 

Abstract patterns and leaf and vine images decorate square, fan and teardrop-shapes. Small vintage-inspired glass flowers drop from tiny silver or gold wires in a style named "June Bug."

Holly Yashi Earrings Jewelry as Art

With innovative techniques and a masterful use of color, this studio's heirloom quality is famous the world over. You'll be amazed by the brilliant hues and shapes from tiny bees to mermaids "tales." Timeless and age-appropriate for all, a perfect blend of nature-inspired beauty with hi-tech for outstanding adornment.

Jewelry as art is the philosophy behind this beautiful work.