Indikoi is a small family owned and run studio creating quality handcrafted pottery, lamps and sinks. Their specialty is a process called crystalline glazing. Applied to a white porcelain body these glazes produce remarkable crystal patterns in striking colors. Indikoi studio's crystalline pottery is known for unique color combinations and simple, functional shapes.

The macro-crystalline glazes used by Indikoi studio differ from many matte and opaque glazes which have tiny crystals invisible to the naked eye. Macro-crystals are large enough for the human eye to see their amazing complexity and beauty. Crystals form when tiny titanium or zinc oxide crystals combine with zinc or silica oxide molecules. These very specific arrangements appear as crystals. 

To create this effect, the potter applies the glaze and fires the pot in a high-fire kiln. This glaze is very fluid with a fair amount of run off during the firing. Next the pot is rapid cooled to a specific temperature. It is at this point the crystals start to form.The longer at this temperature, the larger the crystals will grow. And the crystal placement is entirely random; making each piece one-of-a-kind.

This Bozeman, Montana studio, Indikoi, is one of America's premier makers of handcrafted, functional pottery, lamps and sinks.