Jeff Margolin Pottery

Jeff Margolin Pottery

Now Available at My American Crafts the exquisite vessels of master ceramicist Jeff Margolin. 


Born in California, Jeff is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in political theory and economics. He has worked with clay for over forty years and his pieces, which are represented in fine art galleries throughout the country and overseas, receive the admiration and praises of collectors and critics alike.

The Process

He begins with porcelain-type clay thrown or sculpted into forms with areas left for carving. The carved designs, which takes most of his time, are drawn with a needle, carved out with blades, then cleaned with water and brush. When completely dry, the piece is sanded and burnished to a high sheen, then fired and smoked in a kiln. A semi-transparent pigment is applied to the carving for definition.

Inspired by great artists such as Dali, Escher, Giger and their sense of flow and movement, Jeff's clay forms are dynamic in nature, with an intriguing juxtaposition between textured and polished, transparent and opaque, rounded and sharp.

Jeff's unique touch is evident in each dimension of his art: His forms, carvings, and finishing combine to leave his inimitable signature.

The artist's unique touch is evident in every dimension of his work. His forms, carvings, and finishing style combine to leave a personal signature in each piece.