Jen Stas Pottery

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"The fundamental goal of my work is simple: a marriage between aesthetics and function, brought about through distinctive use of color and form. Starting with a practical and useful form, my work evolves in volume and texture and becomes a functional palette for layers of colorants and carving. I find all the inspiration I need in the endless imagery of the mountains and coasts of North Carolina, which I reflect in my pottery through vibrant colors against the earthy brown of the clay and the contrast of mattes and velvets against shiny and hard surfaces."

"My pottery is made of durable, mid-range stoneware clay. Each piece is handbuilt or thrown (no molds are used, so size, shape, and renderings will vary slightly). After a bit of drying, images are drawn and painted on using colored slips, underglazes, and stains. Using a small loop tool, these layers are then carved through revealing the underlying clay body--a technique called sgraffito. After a bisque fire and more stains and oxides, a shiny glaze is poured on the inside surfaces and fired a final time to around 2200°. The finished pots have a velvety, satin, carved surface on the outside, and a smooth glazed interior. All pieces are safe for food, microwave, dishwasher."

- Jen Stas, Artist