Kent Stetson

From his Rhode Island workshop, Kent Stetson and his team produce eye-catching and conversation starting clutches and handbags. Filled with color and iconic images, Kent's bags allow us to add intriguing accessories to our day to day wardrobe. Carry your favorite drink (expresso or martini), snack (donut or macaron) famous personality (Frida Kahlo or RGB's pearl collar) art (Cubist or op-Art) or an array of horses, dogs and cats.

Have fun and turn a few heads!

​"In 2003 after the disappointment of dismantling an exhibition of my paintings where nothing sold, I started cutting up the canvas pieces and sewing them in to bags.  They sold immediately.

Raised on a farm, watching my mother repair and maintain the harnesses for the horses, I gathered a sense of the craft of leather work.  I had the tools that I needed, I simply had to connect the dots to my paintings.  It turns out that I did not need a wall to display my art, and that a bag was a perfect way to package my art.

Originally, bags were a framing device- they since have become my medium.  We make what has become an instantly-recognizable wardrobe staple enjoyed by celebrities and collectors worldwide.  The signature clutch bags are made from luxury-quality coated canvas, and range in style from traditionally artistic to kitsch."