Laurie Leonard

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Laurie uses miniature reproductions of her watercolor paintings 'set' in pewter settings cast from her original clay models.

Laurie is completely self taught in all of her art forms.  She learned from her mistakes while playing with different techniques.

 "I began to experiment with miniature reproductions of some of my existing paintings (the winter tree, flowers, etc) “set” in a bezel setting that I purchased and covered with resin.

I am inspired by nature, such as the flowers and weeds in my yard and woods. I use leaves to make a texture plate to press the design into the clay for the bangle bracelet and the backs of some of the pendants. I also paint them and use the image in the bezel.

All of the charms that I use in my jewelry are tiny sculptures that I create and cast in pewter. Some of them start with a mold of objects that I have collected or just parts of that object.