MakeShift Accessories

Since he was a child, Devin Johnson has been taking things apart. His parents would give him old and broken things to disassemble and explore. His collection of odds and ends finally led him to putting things together to create wearable art through MakeShift Accessories, his studio & gallery in Northfield, MN.

Devin strives to tell a story about humanity with every piece he creates and feels his artistic endeavors should be environmentally friendly and sustainable. He accomplishes all this using a variety of recycled, salvaged, antique, and found materials from all corners of life. Each material is a unique artifact; he chooses those that are beautiful not only for their colors and textures, but also for their historical and technological significance.  These characteristics, which are often very mechanical and industrial, are brought to the surface in Devin’s work, as he forges each into a finished piece.