Meghan Bernard Pottery

 Originally from Michigan, with a BFA in Fine Art from Michigan State University, Meghan now lives and works in North Carolina and is a member of the Southern Highlands Craft Giuld. She is inspired daily by the nature surrounding her backyard studio.  From the House Wrens that move in every spring, to the dragonflies that visit the garden, An abundance of colorful birds, flowers, foxes, toadstools, mice and ferns show up in her white  thrown porcelain. She hand carves and paints the collection of mugs, vases, bowls, platters and teapots.  The black lines are carved into the porcelain with a sharp knife, then inlaid with black under-glaze. Each color is hand painted before being glazed with food safe glazes.


"I love making the objects that people use during their daily rituals.  The favorite coffee cup that starts the day, the serving bowl that completes a family gathering, the teapot that brings drama and humor to a collection.  Pottery is meant to be used and touched for both the most humble activity as well as the most important.  Each piece is from my hand to yours, as a tactile reminder to appreciate the moment and those you share it with. "