Michal Golan


Michel Golan Jewelry

Michal Golan's exuberant jewelry features earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pins, all studded with her unique blend of crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls, and glass cabochons. Initially designed and created by Michal, a team of skilled artisans craft create the jewelry to her specification.  

Michal Golan Jewelry is recognized for a rich blend of colors, stone and crystal combinations, and high-quality artistry. This studio also is famous for an outstanding collection of Judaic jewelry, menorahs, and mezuzah.

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A native of Haifa, Israel, Michal traveled to the United States to study art in her twenties.  An undergraduate degree in graphic art was followed by studying abstract painting and printmaking. After obtaining a Master's degree in Studio Art, she began making jewelry to support herself. Sucess at craft fairs soon led Michal to create jewelry full-time, and her career was born.

The Studio

 Her husband joined as a business partner and what started as a two-person team soon became a team of artisans.  Michal is inspired by living in New York City, and the vibrant energy of this exciting city is echoed in her jewelry design choices. All the magic happens in a small studio, tucked away in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood.

The studio artisans begin with a sterling silver or gold plated brass base and then adorn each shape with a myriad of semi-precious stones, Swarovsky crystals, glass cabochons, and freshwater pearls. The studio's symbolic "Tree of Life" pin is electroplated with 24 K gold and embellished with lovely semi-precious stone flowers in earthy colors. The Cerulean necklace features a pendant with florals designs in heavenly shades of blue on a triple strand of sparkling glass beads. Gold accents, garnets, and tiny white pearls adorn a pair of Victorian Ornate earrings. 


The cultural importance and mystical significance of the Hamsa symbol infuse Michal Golan Jewelry's Judaic line of jewelry. The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima is a protection symbol of good luck, shielding the wearer from evil. Invigorated by Michal's use of gems, colors, and textures, the Hamsa translates into a beautiful, meaningful piece of jewelry. Her Hamsa bracelets, earrings, and necklace are popular gifts.

Spectacular menorahs, sumptuously decorated with scrolls, flowers, crystal, and semi-precious stones are standouts from the studio of Michal Golan. Stunning and ornate, they make meaningful wedding and housewarming gifts. They can be displayed year-round and passed down for generations.

A mixture of traditional and modern, a collection of mezuzah is also available. Studded with crystal, glass, and stones, these mezuzot make perfect Bar/Bat mitzvah gifts.


The complexity of Michel Golan Jewelry and Judaica is a direct result of Michal's training and experience as an artist. An interest in ceramics and illustration continues and informs her commitment to her studio's unique aesthetic vision.