MoonGlow Jewelry

MoonGlow Jewelry is a unique type of jewelry that shows the phase of the moon. Using the "moon calculator," you can engage in a little self-love by choosing the exact lunar phase of your birth date.

The phase occurring on that day, any day, any year is available set in a pendant, bracelet, or ring. The shimmery "glow" happens after the moon absorbs light during the day and glows an ethereal blue when the sky is dark! 

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What is MoonGlow Jewelry?

Unique, light-sensitive photos capture the image of all 20 lunar phases.  Using the "moon calculator," you can find the exact moon for any given date.  A collection of silver-plated pendants, earrings, rings, and more are available to hold the image. Each lunar charm absorbs light, and glows in the dark. A lovely way to light up your life or that of someone special!

The Origin of MoonGlow Jewelry

Upon discovering the iconic moon images of Canadien artist Luc, inspired entrepreneur Julien Plouffe. Believing life is a gift to be cherished and shared, Julien and business partner Aurelie Dudziak created a line of personalizable jewelry to celebrate life's special moments. While exhibiting at small craft fairs in 2011, the prototypes of this jewelry were tested. Curiosity about the concept and the delight people took in finding "their moon" proved a winning combination. Customers loved purchasing a pendant or bracelet with a custom lunar phase to remind them of a special moment. This collection today offers many options for honoring life's many memorable moments.

The Romance of MoonGlow

In the natural world, light is reflected by this silvery, celestial body. Its luminous shimmer has inspired romantic wishes for centuries. Many believe wearing it's image can bring you magical dreams. And a crescent moon symbolizes womanhood, intuitiveness, and empowerment for the wearer. The power of the moon pushes and pulls the ocean tides and can dictate the planting season. Lovers have long enjoyed the face of their beloved illuminated by the rays of the silver moon.

This jewelry offers one charm or several, each capturing a special moment.

Memorable Moments with MoonGlow

We are always looking for a way to capture the feeling of life's important events. MoonGlow helps you do that. Are you born on November 7th, 1952?

Indulge yourself with a Waxing Crescent pendant. Those born under this phase are outgoing, cheerful, and fall deeply in love.

An insightful aunt, (Waning Gibbous (intuitiveness), mother to three cousins, would love a bracelet with  charms for each child plus one for herself. Celebrate a wedding with personalized rings for each bridesmaid and cuff links for the groomsmen.

There are so many life events to treasure; graduation, new job, first grandchild, champion sports team, first date, illness recovery, and countless others. Celebrate each one!

MoonGlow Jewelry for Sale

 American Crafts by Robbie Dein, a trusted retailer, will assist you with your purchase. First step; choose your year and date or your sister's or favorite aunts from the calculator provided.

Because of the wide range of styles available, the next step will be fun. Simple or sweet, romantic or masculine, any occasion or personality. 

Imagine yourself wearing the Asterism bracelet in gold. Your signature moon, set in 18K plate, surrounded by a circle of sparkling white zircon crystals. A cluster of stars in the night sky is an "asterism ." On your wrist, these "stars" will highlight your charm. And the bracelet's gold links symbolize connection and enduring love. 

The "Stella" (meaning star) pendant will appeal to your astrology buff aunt. Select her birth date, and this pendant will showcase the lunar phase plus her zodiac symbol. Her star sign will shine suspended from a double 18K plated or stainless steel chain for a layered chain look. The chain even adjusts to three lengths!

Men like MoonGlow Too! 

 Gift the gentlemen in your life with an array of tie bars and tie tacks. The Maginus cuff links are exceedingly handsome with a matte black setting.  Maginus refers to an ancient impact crater on the lunar surface. These cuff links are extra romantic for the groom, personalized with each of your birth date charms.

The Humboldt bracelet features his lunar phase centered on an adjustable leather band. Leather symbolizes strength and resilience. The 10 mm lunar charm is named after the Humboldt crater. And this is a great unisex choice with the leather bands available in black, brown and, teal blue.

Pink Moons?

Yes! The first full lunar phase of spring is called "The Pink Moon" from the color of phlox, an early-blooming flower.  The Atlas Link Heart necklace could be great for your sweetheart. Atlas was the Greek god of astronomy and strength.  The openwork heart holds a pink moon, sending a message of enduring love.


The Lovers Locket allows you to choose birthday, engagement, or wedding dates to honor. 

Want to keep the memory of family members close? 

A heartfelt gift for a grandparent is the Moondrop Simplicity Charm bracelet with room for up to 4 charms. More grandkids? Order another and wear them together!

Light up your World with MoonGlow!

 Heartfelt occasions find expression personalized lunar date jewelry for your special moments or those you love.

Feel connected, show love - indulge in passion!

MoonGlow Jewelry-Glow with Love.