Petrified Forest Pottery

Shop Now! Now Available at MyAmericanCrafts for hand thrown pottery adorned with leaf images in earthy colors by Stephan Day of Petrified Forest Pottery.

The artist, a self-taught potter, has developed several unique processes influenced by the traditional Japanese concept of shibumi. Shibumi indicates a feeling of oneness between the artist, his materials and most importantly, nature. Petrified Forest Pottery is completely handcrafted with nature's materials and each piece is unlike any other.

The studio is located in beautiful, rural Berks County, Pennsylvania, in a 1781 farmhouse, grist mill and barn. The surrounding 15 acres provide an ample supply of native leaves, ferns, and grasses for Steve and his studio assistants. Sugar Maple, White Oak, Sweet Gum, Ginkgo and Sassafras leaves are just a few of those used to create Steve's signature bowls, trivets and trays.

The leaves are arranged on the clay, textures and colors are added, the piece is shaped and finally put in the kiln to be fired. At 2000 degrees Fahrenheit the clay becomes soft and malleable. And the fragile leaves ignite and burn away-leaving indelible impressions of their delicate and fleeting beauty.

Petrified Forest Pottery is food and dishwasher safe.