Ray Pottery

All of the pottery produced by Ray Pottery is handmade by Paul Ray. It is either thrown on a potters' wheel, slab built or extruded. It is then fired in a kiln, which uses propane for fuel, to 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. Glazes are applied by a combination of dipping and spraying. Some of the stoneware glazes we use are: 

Ash Glaze - Known for their subtle colors and mottled surface effects, ash glazed are the first glazes to be formulated by Chinese potters. We use pine and oak ashes, collected from a wood burning kiln. 

Copper Red - Copper red is achieved by adding a small amount of copper carbonate (usually .25% to .5%) along with tin oxide to a glaze and then firing it in a reducing atmosphere. Copper reds were first developed by Chinese potters over 1000 years ago and were commonly referred to as "oxblood".