Reno Sciavon Glass Studio

Glass Master Reno Schiavon

In the late ‘90s, master glassblower Reno Schiavon transformed the ancient family business into a school where young Muranese artists could thrive and showcase their talents. Brothers Mattia and Silvio Toso are among his decorated pupils, the former working under the great master Pino Signoretto. The brothers’ fresh glass making approach employing cutting-edge techniques has led to collections that satisfy modern sensibilities while keeping the century-old tradition alive. The company is currently run by Reno’s daughter, Giorgia, who infused new energy into the brand.

The Reno Schiavon glass studio has significantly contributed on the development of the fascinating glass world and in particular of the Murano glass chandeliers, which, in the late nineties, transformed the ancient establishment of the family in a center where learning the art of glass processing. For many local young talented, this choice of the glass masters represents an unprecedented opportunity for growing,