Sabbath Day Woods

With a deep love for the forests, mountains, animals, and the community of their Appalachian home near Asheville, North Carolina home, the artisans of Sabbath Day Woods create an array of wood products with love and care for the environment.

The family business is run by Desmond Suarez, a second-generation woodworker, whose father was a furniture maker,. After over 35 years as a furniture designer and maker, Desmond and his two sons, Desmond II and Devin opened Sabbath Day Woods.

Current clock designs include dragonflies floating on a copper dial, cavorting cats and dogs, lovely birch trees, and, swimming fish and birds perching on a tree branch. 

The present team at the workshop sustainably sources all wood used and finishes each clock with all-natural lemon Beesoil- no chemicals. 


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