Sarah Richardson Jewelry

About Sarah Richardson Jewelry

Sarah Richardson Jewelry; handcrafted and sculptural, modern yet organic. Sprinkled with diamonds and precious gems set in sterling silver, gold, platinum, and 18K gold vermeil. 

Sarah's natural choice was to follow her passion as she comes from a long line of artists. Sarah studied at Rhode Island School of Design, with further design studies in Germany. She moved to New York and designed custom jewelry for a fine jewelry gallery in the West Village. Sarah taught metalsmithing and focused on fine art jewelry. Returning to CA in 2006, she set up her private studio. She has since expanded to a new studio in San Rafael, CA.

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Sarah Richardson Jewelry - Everyday Elegance

Sarah Richardson Jewelry represents a process of evolving designs. She explores organic shapes like pods, petals, seeds, and pebbles. Geometric forms result from the repetition of these shapes.

Each piece is hand-carved using traditional wax carving techniques, then cast in 18K gold or sterling silver. Heat brings the fine metal to the surface. The edges are next polished, creating an interior glow. The sterling silver used is upcycled, and stones are from ethical sources.

Her Designs

Pods-multi size little concave shapes cluster on a pendant. Or create a "Tripod" to hold a tiny sparkling diamond. Drift downwards in a gentle arch in the "Milky Way " earrings. Single or double pods can dangle a beautiful, faceted blue topaz.

1. "Dishy" Pods

Oyster pod designs nestle diamonds within two stacked pods of different sizes. These are "Dishy" Pods- slightly different shapes with two layers of "pods," some with stones in them. The "Oyster Dishy" earrings are striking in oxidized sterling and 18K gold vermeil. So is the "Seven Dishy Pod" necklace in the same two-tone combination.

2. Petals

Teardrop-shaped "Petal" earrings can have double, triple, or multiple petals "falling" from your ears. "Double Drop" petal earrings in silver look lovely with London Blue Topaz among the "petals." "Petal" pendants range in size from small to extra large. Worn for casual or dressy occasions, they bring an organic vibe.

3. Reeds

Textured "Reed" designs reveal ribbed reed shapes alone or with stones. "Lotus" Pod Pendant has an oxidized sterling lotus leaf, tiny 18K vermeil pods, and a faceted Emerald stone. Short "Reeds" hold oval Dendritic Opals in a pair of wire dangle earrings. And a large faceted Emerald centers a wide ribbed "Reed" oxidized silver cuff.

4. Pebbles

The "Pebble" Collection features round small, round pebble-like shapes. Many ringed or centered with diamonds or other stones. A dainty ring has a rose-cut pink sapphire or an exotic black diamond. Eternity rings have pebbles studded with diamonds. And are available in rose, yellow, white gold or oxidized silver. "Triple Pebble" earrings drip with pink Tourmaline stones or Blue Topaz and Aquamarine. "Milky Way" earrings have 14K white gold; white rose cut diamonds and white diamonds-Spectacular!

5. Bridal

Sarah designs a bridal collection with platinum, gold, and precious gems. Her "Halo Diaspore" ring would make an impressive engagement ring. Diaspore gemstones are remarkable for their color-changing ability. In candlelight, its color is light pinkish-orange or raspberry-red color. Romantic! Simple diamond centered "Pebble" earrings and pendants would look great with modern bridal designs. "Pebble Chandelier "and "Dewdrop" earrings lend themselves to more elaborate gowns. A "Pebble" link bracelet looks great on the wedding day. And for all the days after!

Caring for your Jewelry

Here are some important tips for taking care of your fine jewelry from Sarah.

  • Sterling silver can tarnish due to exposure to oxygen. Silver jewelry is best stored in an air-tight container such as a zip-closed plastic bag when not worn.
  • To clean jewelry; wash all oils and debris from jewelry using warm/hot water, dish soap, and an old soft toothbrush. Avoid brushing pearls. Dry jewelry metal and stones.
  • If needed, a jewelry cleaning dip can clean tarnished silver chains.
  • DO NOT dip whole pieces of jewelry with stones or pearls. Using a cotton swab or small paintbrush, apply the cleaning solution to sterling around stones and pearls, while avoiding them.
  • AVOID getting any jewelry cleaner on areas oxidized black with a patina.
  • Rinse your jewelry with sudsy water and dry well after using a cleaning solution.
  • Clean gold jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth avoiding pearls and soft inlay stones.
  • Shine gems with special stone polishing cloths.

With these tips, be assured Sarah Richardson Jewelry has long-lasting quality.