Studio G 7

Studio G7, "On Fire Since 1987" creates handcrafted, heat-treated copper designs for home or office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Inspired by nature and the natural landscapes in the desert southwest, you'll find the studio's interpretation of starbursts, rain, rivers, mountains, breezes, or comets all rendered in iridescent copper disk wall hanging. Studio G7 also creates more abstract images using grid and flowing lines. All are evocative of the endless patterns in the movement of water, landscape or the stars.

Founded by Greg Gowan, Studio G7, with a team of fellow metal workers including son Noah, produces metal sculpture exhibiting a richness of color, intriguing textures, dreamy landscapes, echoes of nature and contemporary images. Exciting triptychs, like "Harmony", with bold stripes of undulating colors and patterns look amazing in office settings. Metal disks, in a range of mix and match sizes, with names like "Fire Wheel", "Garden" and "Starburst" can provide interest in your home-perhaps above the fireplace or in an entry way.

"Weave" "Strata" and "Water Dance" disks evoke fiber designs, distant horizons and playful, curving water images. Trees also are represented with roots, trunks and branches spreading out, standing tall and reaching out envisioned in copper tones against iridescent skies. 

With the an array of designs and range of sizes, Studio G7 handcrafted copper wall sculptures will add beauty to a variety of settings.