Trisymbolize Glass

“Glass can not be shaped with use of the hands, but rather manipulated with the use of an idea, this is what attracts me more than anything.  Both form and function play a role in making a non-functional material into functional wares.  The feeling of helplessness toward a medium impels me to find away of being creative with the ability of bringing an idea to life.  Working with the elements, fire and earth, help me see the element which is me.  The fragility as well as the strength of glass relates to the human being, as we are sensitive material.”  ~K.S.
TriSymbolize Glass is the vision and creations of artist, Kevin Smolark. His glass blowing career began in 1999 at Salem County Community College. His flame working education extends to Penland School of Craft and lessons with renown glass artists, Milon Townsand, Robert Michelson and Elizabeth Mears. 
Kevin works out of his studio located in Allentown, PA.