Village Designs

As individuals we have both been tagged as creative. As a team, being mother and daughter, we have many good reasons to unite and create together. We are able to bounce ideas off each other and come up with products that span generations. We gather opinions from the rest of our family, heeding advice from some while just thanking others. The Mom, Dodie Eisenhauer, has been wholesaling her wire mesh and springy wire designs since 1989. The daughter, Jenny Turner brought new and fresh energy to the business in 2010 with the introduction of jewelry. We united the jewelry idea and the springy wire designs into what we have now named the Springerlee Collection. Our pieces are created after we coil the wire, appearing to be a "spring". Springerlee sounds the part but is really a type of German cookie. We love circles and tying things together, so to complete the story, we both grew up in the tiny town of Daisy, Missouri (population 50) where many family members and neighbors have German names. We have named our Springerlee pieces after those special people in our childhoods. As an added bonus, our family name, Eisenhauer, in German means metal worker.