Vines Art Glass - Bryce Dimitruk

"Cherry Blossom"   "Parisian Fog"   "Magnolia"   "Tropical Swirl" 

These are a few of the evocative names Bryce Dimitruk bestows on his elegantly colorful and organic vases, perfume bottles and ornaments. He manipulates glass in a way that causes stylized flowers to appear to cascade down a vase or uses color to create the impression of fog or desert atmospheres.

Classic shapes, always exquisite craftsmanship.

Bryce began creating art from hot and cold glass in 1998, while working at the internationally recognized Steven Lundberg Art Glass studio in Santa Cruz, California. During the five years he was there, Dimitruk had the opportunity to study under several masters with whom he worked on projects for Disney, The Corning Museum, and other nationally known galleries throughout the U.S. During the course of his work, Dimitruk's glass art has been included in many private and public collections, including the Smithsonian Institution.

Each piece of glass begins with a gathering of molten glass. This lava-like substance is then carefully decorated with colored glass shards or chips, which are melted onto the surface and manipulated with various hand tools. When cooled, each piece is carefully inspected and only the finest examples are signed and dated.

A dream of having his own studio came to fruition in the beautiful coastline town of Bandon, Oregon, and in 2004 Dimitruk and his wife acquired Vines Art Glass. Together, they have continued the tradition of creating a high-quality, innovative product line that Vines Art Glass has been known and respected for since 1982.