W Kohler Lamp & Shade Co.

Since leaving an Industrial Arts teaching position in 1979, Wally Kohler has been a full time craftsman making and selling his lamps and shades. The business was first started in Tucson, Arizona in Wallys carport. Over the years, and several moves later, W. Kohler Lamp & Shade Co. has grown into a 3000 sq ft workshop with a 500 sq ft gallery/showroom.

In 2004 Skip Kivlehen apprenticed with Wally and in 2005 became owner of the business. Today, Donna Clapper manages the making of the shades and is the sales manager. Patti Greer handcuts the designs with a plasma cutter and works on custom designs. A small staff of craftsmen contribute to the making of the product. The business has grown, but the uniqueness and quality of each lamp remains.