Zetamari Mirrors

Angie Heinrich's exquisite work is known for spirals of glass tiles and glass and metal beads in both exuberant and subtle colors encircling her line of circle, triangle and oval mirrors. In varying sizes and plenty of shine and sparkle, Angie's handcrafted mirrors easily find a place in many home and office decors. The aqua and bronze shades are particularly beautiful as large ovals for foyers or dining rooms. Smaller circles and triangles, in purple, red, pink or blue add color and interest to powder and bedrooms. The smallest mirrors, placed in a stand, can rest on a desk or bedside table, adding color and sometimes irridescence to your personal habitat. Silvery grey and beige shades can accent office spaces for a more neutral effect, while striking gold combinations provide a luxurious feeling.

Sparkling Jewels for your walls!

"I have been creating mosaics in Seattle, Washington for private collections, galleries, and public spaces since 1998 and have enjoyed every minute of it. I also find sharing my knowledge and experience with students to be wonderfully satisfying and fulfilling.

I am drawn to soothing symmetries of sparkling glass tiles and beads that are often inspired by the rhythm and symmetry of Moroccan art and architecture. My passion for this ancient art form led me to study with masters in Italy, Spain, and the US, who instilled in me a pride of workmanship expressed in each hand-crafted piece. I aspire to bring the joy of spirit I feel with the creation of each piece to the home of others.

My journey with this art form is intensely spiritual as I strive to express an interconnected world where seemingly small and inconsequential experiences affect the whole. Mosaic is a medium effective at illustrating how carefully shaped pieces can unite with other tesserae to create something rich with texture, color, and meaning. There’s something magical about mosaic when it offers a detailed and holistic view simultaneously."

Angie Heinrich, Artist