Kiln Art

Shop Now! Now Available at MyAmericanCrafts, adorable fused glass cat sculptures; "Kiln Cats" by Kiln Art. These curvy glass cats and "kattens" are created by fusing and slumping pulverized glass into shapes.  They are composed of 100% glass; no paint or glazes are used.  Instead, glass powder "paints" on the furry colors and patterns. Their curved bodies echo the grace and agility of some of our favorite cat companions.  

Lovingly handcrafted in Nova Scotia by glass artisans Sharon and Paul, these feline beauties will perch on mantle, desk, or bookcase. Their sweet expression will charm you and their little iridescent eyes twinkle contentedly at their surroundings.

Each "Kiln Cat" or "katten" is as unique as their live cousins!

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