Metal Petal Art

Nebraska artist Sondra Gerber designs each one of her original aluminum sculptures for her studio- Metal Petal Art. They are then intricately cut by laser, hand ground with reflective patterns, manually bent, assembled and sealed with a clear coat, all in her home studio by Sondra and her team.

You'll find mystical woodlands from Metal Petal Art filled with shimmering colors and filled with birds and trees plus framed flowers and butterflies along with suns and moons. Clocks can be super modern, funky or retro like the "Grandmother's Pendulum" Clock.

Table top items from Metal Petal Art include dancers, garden , ocean and camping scenes. You'll also find a  delightful "Potters Shed" complete with rake, watering can and wheelbarrow. 

Of particular note are the "Four Seasons" wall sculptures featuring elegant trees accented with kiln-formed glass signifying Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Many pieces Metal Petal Art pieces are painted with transparent colors to allow the texture of the metal to shine through. Kiln-formed glass is also created and added to some of the metal sculptures for extra color and dimension.

 Sondra’s love for nature and gardening is truly realized throughout her work with numerous flowers, birds and trees in her designs. She also draws inspiration from Scandinavian design, mid-century modern, historical master artists and the creatives on her team. She seeks out innovative techniques and new technology to bring her Metal Petal Art creations to life.

The team members of the Metal Petal Art studio possess skills in kiln-formed glass and creating the reflective surfaces on her aluminum designs.